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If you have an Android device, you might be interested in my other solar monitor project, check it out at

Project Description
The Netduino Solar Monitor accesses data from a Midnite Solar Classic charge controller using the Modbus protocol or the Outback Flexmax controller using the serial interface. The solar monitor can also monitor information from a Outback FX inverter using the serial interface. The Netduino Solar hosts an embedded web server that displays the pages below which can be viewed on a smart phone or tablet.


Main status page
NetduinoSolar_Status page.png

Historical information

Charge Controller Netduino
ChargeController.png InputAndOutput.jpg

NetduinoSolar Shield
Gerber files are available under 'source code/hardware/gerber'.
Fabrication is available from
PCB.png PCB2.png Shield.png

Netduino with NetduinoSolar Shield

20X4 LCD display, Netduino and Shield in a 3" by 6" box

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